Monday, September 15, 2008

My Home

I bought a townhouse! It's true. I love it. Here she is, waiting in the sunshine, for me to close the deal and move in already. We've been together for a whole month now. She likes me too... I think.

I know not everyone was able to attend my housewarming party to get the tour, but I suppose they should still be able to see snippets of her splendor that I could capture in a still photograph.

Here you can also see my roommates Juliana and Michele


Rachel said...

Wow Em! Your home looks great! I love the yellow wall and everything looks a lot better with your furniture. Congrats again!

edutson said...

The place looks like a champ. Not that I'd expect anything less. Sorry we were unable to attend; maybe another time.
Like the blog too.

All the best!!!

Ruthie said...

What a beautiful home! You have such an eye for interior design, which doesn't surprise me--you seem to have a knack for just about everything. ^_^