Friday, May 29, 2009

Sassy glasses

I finally got some new glasses! I still had the same old ones that I got in high school, 12 years ago, which I haven't worn in public for many years. It was time! I am quite fond of the red, sassy glasses I picked out with a lot of help from Michele and 2 nice sales ladies. It took a long time to find something that didn't look completely ridiculous on my face. My favorite quote of the night was when the sales lady sat down to order them and said "you want the special, thin lightweight lenses, of course" after she saw my prescription strength. lol. My colleagues at work say I need to wear them when I want people to listen to me more 'cause they make me look smart. My brain took a while to get used to the crazy way everything moves when you wear glasses but I made it through a whole day without a headache!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Am I really staying up late telling everyone how geeky I am...I guess so.

25 Reasons my family can be considered "geeky"

1: We amused ourselves for endless hours during our childhood in the fully functioning city of Legoland that occupied an entire room...sometimes more.
2: I learned about politics/court system from Legoland
3: My brother first introduced me to this new thing called the World Wide Web when I was in middle school and the first thing we looked up was the Dr. Pepper site.
4: We made home videos of the adventures of lego people as well as a regular sitcom involving my stuffed animals
5: I still remember the theme song I wrote for the sitcom "Oh we're the Andersons..."
6: We all played 7 yrs in an orchestra or band or both.
7: My siblings and I listened to "learn Japanese on tape" on our roadtrip to Oregon
8: Sunday nights always included an episode of Star Trek, next generation
9: We have been known to IM or text one another while in the room
10: I have actually text-raced with my brother-he totally won...
11: I bought an iphone the very next week.
12: 4 people in my family already own an iphone
13: I Gchat with at least one family member a day...sometimes concurrently with several since we are all frequently by a computers during the day.
14: My boss at the grocery store once called me to her office to fix her computer...because I was a "Cannon" so I must know how...
15: We can have hour-long conversations consisting only of movie quotes
16: We will all randomly burst out into the same song while playing cards...usually on the same note
17: We actually talk about binary over dinner.
18: A grades were expected and our parents were surprised if we didn't actually get an A
19: We play games like "Set" for fun.
20: I am known as one of the most tech-savvy people at work, yet would be considered one of the least savvy at home.
21: My family would actually get together and sit in a room with their own computers to play warcraft together
22: We all contribute to an annual Limerick contest without any prize but bragging rights.
23: We can all sing along with the entire score of Carmina Burana,
24: We have been known to hear a band song and start singing our respective instrumental parts
25: We actually don't care that people think we are geeky :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dinner group

about 5 months ago... (has it really been that long?) a small group of my friends decided to create "Dinner group". It is a fabulous idea in which we get a wonderful home-cooked meal every monday and wednesday, while only making 1 meal (and doing dishes) every 3 weeks. We don't all make it to every meal (like when Shannon decides to go to New Zealand without us...which is why she is not featured in the picture) but it is worthwhile every time we do. Especially when we have such great discussions and solve the problems of the world. Besides cooking, we've learned: how to get a guy to make a move, how to deal with an HOA, what subjects make Denae turn red, why Emily should move in with me, how to keep your home teachers from embarrassing your visiting teachers, resolving constipation, how to be more cost-effective at meetings, how to not die during an endoscopy, and of course how we could all use the slogan "Don't put your hands down your pants". We always get some good laughs. I love you girls!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Award winning poet

My peoms once again came out on top in the annual limerick contest. Plus, 3 of the other winning poems were about I think that means I win!!! Man, am I competetive or what? I just love my family, they made me laugh all month with their limericks. Good work everyone! I thought the rest of you might want to partake in a sample of our fun, so here are the my winners:

I met a nice guy with a plan,
of whom I became a great fan.
He skiis in the snow
but alas, now you know,
he decided to move to Japan.

Interesting food
gets me in the mood
to eat,
not feet
or fried bacon in the nude

I was once the eldest of four
but the others each became more
Kimi's more pretty and tall,
others sport pregnant balls.
So now I'm the youngest at the core.

Here are the ones about me that also won awards:

Donuts, cake, chocolate and candy,
cookies and ice cream are truly dandy.
My cravings will make me fat
and sugar level would make emily go 'splat'
Annee boody wan a browney? (by missy)

There once was an Emily Cannon
who cooked with such glorious abandon
The chefs they all voted
and what they compoted
was to crown her the new queen of salmon! (by mark)

Why am I the only one without talent?
It seems all my skills are rather absent.
Emily, Rachel, Kimi and Mom
Are quite the phenomenon
Maybe I could start speaking with an accent. (by missy-but it's not true)

Monday, May 4, 2009

A dinner party worth your while

I was able to put on quite the dinner party. Thanks to Michelle's beautiful Waterford china and crystal, her friend's flower garden, Juliana's quiet but ready assistance, my culinary aspirations, and Ben's gentle assurances when I started stressing out at crunch time.
It was a success! My service auction dinners are building quite the reputation and I have so much fun doing it.

The Menu

Ben's famous lettuce wraps

1st course:
Curried carrot soup

Feta and olive stuffed chicken breasts
Grilled Zucchini
Rosemary roasted red potatoes

Brownie and vanilla rounds with berries and chocolate art
(I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it-it was so beautiful)