Saturday, September 20, 2008

garden vegetables

I was lucky enough to find a roommate that loves to bring us garden vegetables! Pretty good match, huh...a gardener and a dietitian. This was the bounty she brought home yesterday. She grows them in a little garden plot she rented for the summer, down the street a few miles. I immediately started brainstorming for the many ways we could use squash. I love the autumn! It's my favorite season to cook:)

She also grows herbs. She brought home this bunch of mint the other day but wasn't sure how to cook with it. I put together this fantastic dish of tabbouleh with shrimp and mint. Just thought I would share. I think it is even "stacey-safe" with the exception of the feta cheese...


Rachel said...

Yummy! Except you didn't put the recipe up! Those vegis looks so good. Too bad you live far away, otherwise we could come over for vegis every night.

the paul said...

Is it really a Bumbly Blog? Huzzah! I will read it faithfully.

Wendi said...

I'm so glad you have a blog. Cool baby! Also, pretty risque picture of the glucose monitor! Ooh la la!

Tanner Reynolds said...

Hi Emily! Probably don't remember me... Wendi's little bro Tanner! Nice blog! I love reading about culinary adventures and wish I had any talent in that area. And you're certainly dedicated to your job if you're attaching those things to you without really needing it :) I dislike the idea behind it to even consider trying one... though i could use it i'm sure.

Side note, you, Wendi, and all your old roomies should plan something together! Wendi always had the best roommates and I remember enjoying going to her place or having all of you over. Maybe a Halloween party or something! Or you could all move back to Logan, maybe i'd even go see a dietitian for the first time since being diagnosed!

Hope you don't mind my dropping by. Keep up the posting, its a good way to keep a history of things at the least.


Mark and Janalyn said...

Hey. I found your blog off of Wendi's. I was going to start a blog when I was single too, but that didn't happen before I got married. I really like your house, it looks very nice. I agree with Tanner, it would be so much fun to get together for a Halloween party.