Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been considering this for over a year...and finally decided it would be my Christmas present this year, rather than getting an mp3 player, new PDA, and new cell phone. I got a new iPhone which has it all plus more!!! I can already tell it is going to be addicting. I love it!

Christmas at home

I had a great time this Christmas. I've been up in Logan off and on all week to get as much family time as possible. My siblings even came down to SLC see me perform on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, we all caught the plague (ie violent influenza) during the week and had to quarantine ourselves to the room where we bowed down to the ivory throne for a day. yuck! Lucky me, I got the worst case and couldn't eat much for several days. I even lost 3 lbs! eek! (which I did not have to lose in the first place...sigh)

We still found time to be toether and have fun. I gave all my sisters scarves for Christmas. Don't we look cute?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Christmas Card

This is my attempt to reach my Christmas greetings to as many friends and family as possible.

Merry Christmas!

It has been an interesting year for me, as usual. Here were some of the highlights:

-Got my CDE (certified diabetic educator) license and continue to work at St. Mark's Diabetes Center
-Went on a Caribbean cruise with a group of friends
-Bought a townhouse (I have a permanent address now!)
-Paid off my car
-Got hooked on country swing dancing
-Took mini-vacations to St. George, Bear Lake, and Laramie
-Played for Desert Star Theater's Christmas musical
-Dated a lot, with no real success
-Enjoyed many musical venues, art exhibits, and theater productions
-Had my picture in the Aug issue of the Ensign magazine
-Started a Blog! (which loves visitors and commentaries)

I am thankful for my many blessing and the real reason for this holiday season, Jesus Christ. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! I always enjoy hearing from old and new friends and family:)

p.s. Here's your annual holiday joke:
Are there any holiday treats that are safe for people with diabetes?

Yes, all of them are...until swallowed.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

My ward's Christmas extravaganza was on Saturday.

Emily A, Tiffany (not there for this picture) and I sang "Mr. Santa" for part of the program.

There was also an ugly sweater contest. This was my entry...courtesy of dear Ljiljana from Zagreb, Croatia that gave it to me as a gift (complete with holes from her dog chewing on her sleeve). I cannot part with it for sentimental reasons, so I break it out for parties like these where it can be appreciated for it's creative beauty. I did not win the contest, however. My bishop won out with his sweatshirt that had ornaments pinned all over and blinking lights fueled by a battery pack on his back. I should have gotten a picture of that...