Saturday, September 22, 2012


I got a great birthday present this year from Ben. He gave me a voucher for a tandem paragliding adventure! I used it today and it was soooo fun. I LOVE being up in the air and this was a perfect way to experience it. It was so relaxing to just float there in the air, moving along with the breeze and enjoy the surroundings from up high.

You really don't get super far from the point of the mountain (since that's where the good air movement is) and it wasn't scary at all. Going early in the morning helps keep you away from any pockets of air and sudden movement. I definitely will go again! Maybe I could even learn to do it on my own...seems kind of like flying one of my kites.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I had a pretty good birthday this month. It was over Labor Day weekend so I got to enjoy 3 days without work, which was a great way to start. My husband and I enjoyed a lazy, kick-back morning, then he took me to a Vietnamese Noodle House I had never been to before and the food was amazing! I am a lover of soups so the Pho and Bun were right up my alley. Perfect choice, babe! We both really enjoyed all the flavors.

My gut was a lot less painful that day, thanks to a merciful God, so I was itching to get outside and go walking or something, despite the fact that it was raining all afternoon-evening. My in-laws and husband were kind enough to join me on a walk around when it slowed to just a drizzle. Don't you just love the smell in the air in Utah when it rains?

Ben gave me an awesome present, too... a tandem paragliding adventure! I am very excited for this. I am hoping to use it this coming Saturday (weather and health permitting). I love flying. I'll post after that-promise.

My sisters were all out of town for the weekend so we got together at a later date and they did a "choose your own adventure" experience. They asked me 3 random questions and my answers (green, few, fancy) dictated what we did...keeping in mind what they know I like, but it was all a surprise to me. What they came up with was perfect! They picked me up (just a few of us) and we went up the canyon to have a picnic dinner among the (green) trees. After that they made reservations at a (fancy) restaurant at top of a ski lodge for a fancy dessert. We each chose something different and sampled all the desserts. My choice was the best, in my mind (buttermilk panna cotta in a strawberry-rhubarb soup).

Plus, the company was terrific. Those girls can always make me laugh soooo hard, we had a blast. Thanks to my sisters!