Thursday, March 25, 2010

I actually followed a recipe!

My mother gave me a new cookbook for Valentines Day. I finally decided to put it to some use. It is Rachel Ray's book of top 10 lists. Back in the days when I watched TV regularly (it's been quite a while), I loved her show...this was actually before she got too famous. I took an evening to study the book (much more laborious when they don't have many pictures) and select the ones I would want to try sometime. I had dinner group tonight so it was a perfect opportunity to use them.
The ones I chose allowed me to accomplish 3 things I haven't done much:
1. follow a recipe exactly
2. cook red meat
3. use the wasabi I got for Christmas!

the menu was: Ginger Flank Steak, Wasabi Smashed Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus, and Ginger-Poached Pears with Ricotta and Blueberries.

Lessons Learned:
1. Shame on me for following the recipe too well. Rachel Ray has a good sense for flavors but stinks on her portion estimates and cooking times.
2. I'm unsure why I have been intimidated by cooking steak in the past-it's pretty easy.
3. It was all delicious, but I have lots of leftovers... anyone hungry?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cruisin' to Mexico

Spontaneity was the name of the game for this vacation!
Just after I got back from Vancouver, Kimi sprung the idea of going on a cruise for spring break, which happened to be in about 2 weeks. I'm always up for the idea of a trip, and we actually convinced my parents to join us for the ride on the Fun Ship Carnival for 5 days to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. Arrangements were made fast and off we went! Once in the ports, we just got off the boat and did whatever caught our attention. Completely "tourist" but lovin' it. I especially enjoyed the sunshine and blue water! Mmmm. We came back with a couple sunburns, lots of mexican merchandise, extra pounds from the yummy, plentiful food and many pictures of Clyde.

This is Clyde with the deep blue, beautiful ocean and whales.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Time

Dear Time,Why are you going so fast? I blink and suddenly it's been a month since Valentines day! I am busy every minute of each day but yet when I look back, I have no recollection of some because they sped by without me noticing. Eek.
Please slow down.

p.s. forgot i hadn't blogged about all my Valentine culinary creations, so you get them a month late. (Homemade love-note fortune cookies, heart pancakes with berry compote, chinese new-yr/valentine dinner)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Whoever thought you could curl a stone?

Curling is a very interesting sport. Seeing a live curling event made it better. For the Olympics, there were 4 games going on all at the same time in the event center. It was difficult at first keeping track of what was always going on. I admit to paying most attention to the U.S. vs China game...I'm biased, I know. Luckily, we also sat next to a woman who had "curled" almost her whole life and she answered all of our questions about strategy, terms, etc. I was super impressed at the accuracy the guys had at placing the stones wherever they wanted. I really kind of want to go try it out myself at the Olympic Oval now, although I am told it is much harder than it looks.
Don't worry, there was plenty of Canadian spirit about Curling as well.
This guy also had a sign that read "Curling. Invented by Scots, Perfected by Canadians."