Sunday, October 26, 2014

The House is now Our Home.

We are officially moved in! We love how it all turned out. It was quite the roller coaster there at the end with inevitable issues and battles but it looks great. We LOVE parking in a garage, having so much light from big windows and having enough space in kitchen for everything. I can't wait to use the soaker tub and fireplace soon as it gets cool. 
  We spent most the week getting our townhouse ready for renters to move in so now, we finally get to now enjoy this house now and unpack, do our little extra house projects, get furniture, and decide how to decorate. 
  The first night here we immediately noticed how QUIET is was out here. No trains, neighbors on the other side of our walls, rattling trucks on the roads nearby or anything. We can even see stars! We were surprised at how good the view of the mountains is from our second floor. Love it. 
Here are more pics of the inside.