Sunday, October 13, 2013


I am really the type of person that loves to have vacations to look forward to. Somehow it makes the daily grind seem a lot more bearable. Ben and I couldn't agree on a destination, budget or a time when we could both get away for a long time until finally we were both so super ready for the break that we had to make it happen quickly. We were also finally able to make it work to have my parents come with us! Cruises are much more fun with more people. So, to the Bahamas we went!

We spent a few days in Orlando (spending some time with my uncle that lives there-seeing his house and taking a tour of the candy factory where he works, the Orlando temple, Moss park, and outlet shopping) and then 4 days on the cruise.

Our first stop was the cruise's private island Cococay. This was by far our favorite day! It was a beautiful, sandy beach island with all sorts of places to just lay back on a beach chair and relax. We played in the warm ocean, napped, and watched the waves.

I even convinced my dad to go parasailing with me-which is awesome. It provided a beautiful view and is wonderfully peaceful floating 400 ft. above the water.  (not scary at all-unless you are afraid of heights-I totally recommend trying it).

Next day was Nassau island. It was extremely hot and humid that day. We walked around the city a bit but weren't too interested in buying touristy trinkets or doing the excursions at the Atlantis resort (most the beaches are private and you have to pay to use them). We preferred to hang out on the less crowded ship. We spent a lot of time in the pool, reading and chilling out on the deck chairs, and eating more than we should at the buffet.

Then we had a day at sea. I tried out the rock-climbing wall on the back of the ship, played ping pong and then took advantage of reading and nap time.

We of course ate way too much, sampling all the good food choices. We also got to see the comedian, magician, bands, and several movies in the evenings. What a great trip! Things still happened while we were gone (my sister and her baby became famous on all the news shows/blogs, my friend had her baby, they called a new RS presidency so I got released but, it was good to be away from phone/email for a while).  I needed something to help me reset and come back with a clearer head to organize and rebalance my life.