Sunday, June 28, 2009

There is beauty all around

Who ever thought you could find that many colors of green up in the mountains at the end of June. Absolutely Gorgeous! Thanks Ben for the scenic hiking tour of Deer Valley.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sewing mania

After almost a whole year of living in my house, I decided to finally hem up my front room curtains that have been way too long for, well, way too long. The simple act of getting out the sewing machine was enough to inspire a week of sewing. It also helps that I have an extra room right now while I seek another roommate that has lots of space for sewing projects. I grew up sewing a lot and forgot how much I love it.

I also realized that I approach sewing a little too much like I approach cooking. Sure, I use recipes and patterns on occasion-but never follow them completely. I tend to "improve upon them" or disregard the directions completely and make up something else (like this scrub top below). This turns out well some times, and not so well other times. The good thing with sewing is that you can always unpick your mistakes! Hooray for seam rippers. After the curtains, I did some needed alterations on my dresses and then dove into the world of pajamas and polka dots-as you may well see.

This last set reminds me greatly of a certain spotted character in a children's book....but I can't remember the name! I think it is Dr. Seuss....can anyone help pinpoint this for me?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

flat awkward moments

Life is full of weird and awkward moments. Here was mine for today:
So, this morning I left for work with a feeling that I was missing something. I looked down to make sure I had my shoes, clothes and purse...check. I shrugged it off because the same thing happened yesterday but came to nothing. Later, I realized my phone was still at home. That must be it. Oh well, it wasn't a big deal because I don't use my phone much during work anyway. Then, halfway through the day, I had a realization....I wasn't wearing a bra! awkward. What does one do at that moment? Should I make an excuse and go home to get it? Was it even noticeable enough to matter? If I hadn't thought of it until then, could it be so bad?
I was wearing a sweater vest so I decided it wasn't a big deal and just went on my merry way throughout the day, albeit a bit more self-conscious. I guess there are benefits to being flat-chested. Or maybe that is why I hadn't noticed until midday...hmmm. Has that ever happened to anyone else?

Is it considered uncouth to blog about this? Regardless, this experience inspired me to write the poem below and I laugh at myself every time I read it:

Although we complain,
we're free from the pain
top-heavy ones get from their backs.
No extra bounce
annoys when we flounce,
go running, or jump over cracks.

Our necklaces lay
straight down and they stay.
Into your eyes more men will gaze.
Less time in the plan
to do self-exams.
Mom said we'd grow out of this phase...

Clear views of our toes
should silence our woes.
It's a blessing, instead of a flaw.
Cuz you can spend a whole day
going your way
not knowing you forgot your bra!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dream weaver

Yes. that is me's one of the only sleeping ones I have, and I find it kind of funny since you can see the mummy outline if you look close. I was on a vacation...hiding from Susan...

I've always had very crazy dreams. Lately, I've been paying attention to them more so I could share a few. If there are any good dream interpreters out there, I'd love to know what they all mean (besides that I have a very odd subconscious).

Dream #1: I dreamt that my sisters and I all went to this Enrichment-type activity where we were making quilt squares. We decided to try and eat them. We made all these mini quilt squares and ATE them...fabric, batting, and all. In the dream, you could actually bite into them. I woke up kind of gagging, like I had batting down my throat. I had to look around to make sure my bedding had all survived...luckily I didn't really eat anything. I started taking my iron pills again just in case this meant I had pica.

Dream #2: I was asked to join the university varsity football team. Someone had made a new ruling that they had to be co-ed and apparently I had been amazing at try-outs. Little ol' me was out there with all the big guys and some really butch girls doing spring training boot camp thing in the wilderness. I was all tough and keeping up with it all until the guys started picking on me and stealing my rationed food and water so I was sooooo thirsty...actually that part turned out to be true.

Dream #3: The hospital's endocrinologist and I were being chased so he decided to get caught so I could get away. It didn't matter to him because it turned out he was a vampire and they couldn't hurt him no matter how much they stabbed at him. Later, I was in a public restroom like the one on My Best Friend's Wedding and the bad guys came in to attack me but I surprised them by jumping out of the stall and "kicking their trash" right there.

Dream #4: My iphone decided to go on the fritz, the same week my cord was still living in Logan and I needed to coordinate lots of events that day and the only way i survived was by serendipity, looking up phone numbers on facebook and email texting, etc. I did eventually get stranded at one point but it all worked out eventually. stressful!....Oh wait...nope, that one actually wasn't a dream. Strike that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I came home to find this sign in the front of my house. Nice of them to do a lawn treatment on my little bark and bush patch, isn't it? I have neighbors that actually have grass, but they didn't get the signs, just us with bark. My HOA only hires the intelligent landscapers...the same ones that affirm that the trees along the road will surely "bounce back" after being dead for 3 yrs. Ill make sure to stay off all the grass.