Sunday, September 8, 2013

Produce production

So, remember me planting a garden earlier this year? And how I was worried how much would survive?

Well, we actually got a bumper crop this year! We have had so many tomatoes, it's been awesome. Our of my 16 plants, 14 survived (4 cherry plants and 2 yellow tomato plants, and several other red and heirloom types). We haven't actually had problems eating them all (We LOVE tomatoes here and have lots of family and friends that have been happy to receive any extras) until this last week, when I got my biggest load of tomatoes.
My sweet sister-in-law helped me learn to bottle them (I love learning new skills) so we could keep some for the winter. Aren't they pretty??

In addition to our tomato excitement, we also got bunches of swiss chard, 3 peppers from our pepper plant and several butternut squashes growing on the a vine. It makes me soooo happy!

It inspired me to teach my next cooking class this Saturday at Kitchen Kneads (in Logan) about "Using Garden Goods".


For my surprise sister-birthday party this year, I got quite the adventure. They took me up to park city for a fun lunch and then  REAL bobsled ride at olympic park (where you actually do the entire course). Vee and Kimi helped boost my courage to do it by riding with me. It was scarier than I expected but I'm glad I did it once in my life. I am not one to swear but it honestly took restraint to hold back a swear word as we got going really fast, I was using all my strength just to hold my position so I wouldn't get jostled all around. Imagine hurling down a windy canyon road in a go-kart at freeway speeds...

After it was all over and the adrenaline calmed down, we were excited that we survived the 2nd fastest time of all the bobsled runs that day.