Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thai Peanut noodles with shrimp

I've made this dish 3 times in the last month I think. That means Ben and I both really like it AND it's fast. I've tried several recipes for similar things before but this one is by far my favorite. Thanks goes to my good friend Kate and her new famous cookbook (which I use all the time. she and her co-writer are brilliant). You can get the recipe from her blog
I just add shrimp and occasionally other vegetables to it. YUM!! Good hot or cold.

*For my friends with wheat, egg, dairy, or soy allergies, just change the linguini to Thai rice noodles and soy sauce to fish sauce. Still excellent. Sorry nut are just out of luck on this one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ben is amazing. He knows a lot about a lot of things. Besides doing tiling, drywall, cabinets, installing toilets and tubs, and painting this week in the old house...he helped me change the brake pads on my car. I know...pretty handy, don't you think?
It's not too hard to change brake pads yourself...IF you have someone that knows what they are doing with you AND have a strong guy to loosen the lugnuts on the wheel. Luckily in my case, they were the same good-looking person.
Now my brakes work wonderfully. Thanks honey!

Monday, May 9, 2011

the B.A.D. club shower

My girl friends from High School threw me a bridal shower up in Logan last Saturday. We went back to our favorite restaurant/hang out "Fredrico's Pizza" and then to Amy's house for gifts and dessert. We were a pretty tight knit group back then, and whenever we are together we can still pick things like good friends. It is really quite fun. Even if they all got married a good 10 yrs ago and have 2-3 kids each by now. I am the last remaining one, by a long shot. They were all so excited I was engaged they kind of had to fight over who got to throw the shower... they worked it out and all helped out in some way. :)
We had this self made club back in High School called the "Boys Are Dumb" club. We even got little bead necklaces that said BAD on them, which we loved because they made our moms cringe. Yup, we were sooo rebellious. So much that we even made quilts... where we each sewed squares about ourselves and then traded. One of the squares we wrote Boys Are Dumb and got all of our guy friends to sign...or we may have forged a few signatures...
Domestic, rebellious teenage girls...
I love you guys! Especially since we have almost all made it back to northern Utah somehow.