Friday, September 26, 2008


I walked into my house today and drew in the air...what was that wonderful smell??
Fresh herbs from the garden again! Hooray. I love to breath around them. I got thinking about how I love each of them for different things.

Basil-by far the stongest and sweetest smelling, very tasty in soups, on pizzas or in sauces.
Rosemary-pine smell for a rustic woodsy taste, best on roasted potatoes or vegetables
Thyme-you know that fresh smell in the canyon just after the rain....that's what fresh thyme smells like! I don't use it much on its own...but its great combined with other italian herbs
Mint-smells very fresh and...well, minty! it is a great decorative herb for garnishes. If you are really ambitious it can be made into jellies or I usually just use it in drinks or tabbouleh.
Oregano-very mild smell, hard to detect but definitely the classic herb for anything italian or sauces.
Unfortunately the garden didn't lend itself to my favorite herb, dill. Mmmmm. You can use that on almost ANYTHING.


the paul said...

What is a tabbouleh?

Melissa Hislop said...

"She even took the time to freeze raspberries and mint leaves into the ice cubes. That should have tipped me off right there."