Sunday, September 14, 2008

For some reason I think this is a good idea

I'm not sure what possessed me today and why I've suddenly decided that I need a blog of my own...but it happened. Perhaps it was my friend/mission comp that inspired me (seeing as she is the only single person I know well that actually has a blog, and still finds all sorts of interesting things to write about). All my married friends and family write about their adorable children and since I don't have any of those yet...I thought I didn't need a blog. Then again, I definitely have an exciting-enough life to produce many stories, which have kept my friends and family quite entertained in times perhaps this can help save me from too much repetition. I also need something to remind me to get out my camera more often, now that I haven't scrapbooked for some time. No promises that there won't be dry spells when I get ultra busy, but we'll give it a try:)


Our Family said...

Yeah Emily! You have joined the dark side! All us married people are excited to read all your stories since our lives are now all boring and stuff. I expect the posts and pictures to keep on comin'!

Melissa said...

Yay! Welcome to bloggers world, a lovely future of comments from disappointed people wanting you to update and making fun of your spelling.