Saturday, February 23, 2013

Denim quilt

I finally finished my denim quilt project after about 4 yrs. I started keeping old jeans really because i was attached to a certain pair that i couldnt bear to throw away. I had some other great donations from family and friends to make more squares than i actually ended up using, in fact. It became my "something-very-productive-to-do" when Ben was away for long periods of time for work trips.
It ended up being more work than I thought but I like the finished product well enough to use for a great picnic blanket.

I wanted the design to be a little less traditional so I decided to do the squares at an angle, used no batting (just a flannel back), machine-tied it with just brown tacking stitch, and did a zig-zag edge of denim triangles. My favorite parts are probably the few pocket details I kept and incorporated as squares.

I really hadn't sewn much since I got married. I'm still trying to find the perfect sewing/craft table so without it, projects like this can be a bit more difficult on a makeshift card table but it worked alright!

My husband loves it for how heavy/warm it is. Perfect for our cold basement room right now.