Thursday, September 25, 2008


My friend Melissa had just moved back to Utah only to discover their nice townhouse was infested with lots of cockroaches...ewww. After several visits by the exterminators without much relief, she decided she could not live like that with 2 small children, so it was time to pack up again. This time, however, boxes could not be used since cockroaches apparently like cardboard. Also, every item had to be inspected for roach egg sacs. I spent the evening helping her, inspecting and making sure everything was de-roached before being sealed up in GIANT ziploc bags. I got quite an education on the different kinds of roaches, their habits, and tricks that night.


Rachel said...

EW! That is gross! I hope you were able to help her leave roach free. Wow, I can't imagine how horrible that would be, especially with kids. I didn't know Melissa moved back to Utah! That is cool. Tell her hi for me!

Melissa Hislop said...