Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canadians sure like their Hockey

I have always enjoyed hockey games. But, I don't think I've ever enjoyed them so much as watching them with all the Canadian fans. The national pride and hockey enthusiasm was evident EVERYWHERE. From commercials that said: "Let's show the world who's game they are playing" to chants of "Go Canada Go" even during the Russian vs. Czech game to the crowds of people hovering around any and every television set during a game (we made it a point to eat at restaurants with TVs during big games). I don't think I've even seen that much red and white at a U of U football game. Needless to say, I was still pretty excited when the U.S. beat them anyway in the first game and can't wait to watch them do it again today. Go U.S.A.!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I went to the Olympics!!!!
Since I missed the ones in Utah while I was on a mission, I needed to experience it somewhere else. I had the opportunity to go to Vancouver for the 2010 ones and I took it!

We saw a hockey game and then a curling match.

Our skiing tickets were cancelled due to the rain (washed away the standing spectator area). We took in many of the sights (Canada gear and paraphanalia) and sounds (crowds constantly cheering for Canada) and Olympic sites. So much Fun!!

More pictures and stories to come...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love my sisters soooooooo much.
Just sayin'...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ski Bunny

My mom gave me ski bunny pajamas for Christmas (had pictures of skiing bunnies on them). I guess she already knew something that I didn't.

I went skiing for the first time in 15 yrs yesterday. It's not that I disliked skiing or couldn't do it, but I had decided that it was too expensive of a hobby for me to get into. Well, when you are dating a hot ski instructor for Deer Valley, there are definitely some perks-like free ski passes and private lessons!

Ben took me skiing Saturday and I had a blast! I could easily get hooked to that sport. Luckily I hadn't forgotten everything I learned up at Beaver Mtn bunny hill on our middle school's ski trips. I was able to do fairly well on all the beginner runs he took me on. I only fell 3 times. The last 2 were in the last 10 min. when my legs got tired and he took me through the kid's obstacle course. lol. Ben said he was actually very impressed with how I did. Hooray! It helps to have a very patient and considerate instructor around :) Maybe he'll even take me again sometime. I can't wait.

Things that impressed me:
-All the 3-5 yr olds just whizzing around on their skiis. For real! I couldn't believe it.
-Deer Valley resort is HUGE compared with the Beav... It was also very beautiful and the lifts didn't take forever.
-I actually ate turkey chili cheese fries (One of Ben's favorite skiing meal). Yeah. I know. Can you image? No offense, Ben...but I probably won't do that again. Although it did help me last easily through fast Sunday.
-Ben's dad (79 yrs old) came skiing with us most of the day. When I'm his age, I hope to be as active as he. Kudos to him.
-Ben can ski backwards! He can flip around just as easily as a person on ice skates. Very cool.

Note to self: Work on arm strength. After a day of skiing, my arms were the most sore of anything (from pushing myself around at the bottom by the lifts). I guess that means my legs aren't too wimpy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Service Auction Dinner

Every year for our ward's service auction, I donate a gourmet 4 course dinner. This year, my friend Kasey bought it and we finally made it happen. It's one of those special nights to go all out and use my roommate's expensive china and crystal. I'm getting more confident making up my own recipes so that night was no exception (although because of the number of dishes, and last year's stressful experience, I tried keep them more to the simpler side). Here was the delicious menu:

Drink: Raspberry Mint water
Appetizer: Home-made pita chips with a Cumin-lime Crab and Avocado Dip
Salad: Supreme Oranges, Cucumber, Bean Sprouts on Spring Greens with a Spicy Vinaigrette
Entree: Orange BBQ Salmon
Asparagus Bundles
Walnut Wild Rice
Dessert: New and Improved (& personalized) Chocolate Creme Brulee

It went over very well and made everyone not invited very jealous... Just bid higher for the dinner next year folks!