Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things you don't mention to a hypochondriac

I think every health care professional ends up as a hypochondriac of sorts. Especially those of us who never did the medical school thing but know just enough to be dangerous. We are familiar with a few signs and dangers, but not enough to know the whole story.
So, symptoms that others might get very worked up over, we can dismiss easily as nothing significant. But what many people will dismiss as something weird, turns us to fretting we have cancer. We get even worse when we socialize around other medical personnel. Since I seem to have surrounded myself with nurses, in and out of work, I get all sorts of interesting perspectives and opinions. I consequently was almost convinced last night that I had had a mini-stoke. Thanks for that, Ben.
Thankfully, I have hilarious sisters that kept me laughing about it and let me blame all my horrible raquetball playing on that...

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K said...

*snort* that night was awesome. You should have fake strokes more often!!!