Monday, March 7, 2011

The Story

I've had several requests for the engagement story. Here's my favorite version:

The night he proposed, Ben took me back to Red Butte Cafe, the restaurant where we met on a blind date almost exactly 2 years ago. It was kind of neat to reminisce on our time together since then. Back at my house, when he came in the door, he gave me a big hug and started telling me that he was sorry, he knew that I had been waiting a long time and I had been very patient, but I just needed to wait a little longer... I got pretty disappointed right about then, sure that it meant that it wouldn't happen that night. Then he stopped and said "I have a better idea" and knelt down on one knee and asked "Emily, will you marry me?". I was startled at the shift and said "Are you kidding me?" (in my defense, he had been teasing me about it all week). At which point, he pulled out the ring box and told me how he loved me, trusted me and wanted me to wear this... There was the most beautiful ring I ever saw (ok, I did help design it so I knew I would love it). I definitely said YES! I think he was just as excited to see it on my hand as I was.


D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Yay! That's so awesome! And I hope you smacked him for teasing you like that!

K said...

I'm amazed he was still able to manage a surprise! Way to go Ben! ;) SO EXCITED for you guys!!!