Friday, February 18, 2011

Diabetes 101

Lets see how you guys do on my myth/fact diabetes quiz I use with my diabetes group class:
Myth or Fact?
1. Type 2 diabetes will turn to type 1 diabetes eventually
2. Taking insulin can cause complications of diabetes
3. There is no cure for diabetes
4. People with diabetes are not allowed to eat desserts unless they are sugar-free
5. Milk can raise your blood sugar
6. Being on insulin is a lifetime sentence
7. Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes
8. People with diabetes do not have a shorter lifespan if they control their blood sugars
9. It is best to treat a low blood sugar with peanut butter your answers?

Was it hard?

Think you got them all right?

Do you want to know the real answers?

In case you do, here you go:

1. Myth. type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. People with type 2 will always have type 2 (unless they were misdiagnosed at first) even if they use insulin.
2. Myth. Insulin does not cause complications, it actually prevents them by controlling blood sugar as long as they are on the right amounts. Many people wait too long before agreeing to use insulin and already have complications.
3. Fact. There is no cure. Even people that are not currently taking medication are still considered diabetic.
4. Myth. People with diabetes can eat dessert as long as they keep it to small portions and fit it into their meal plan. Sugar-free desserts can often raise blood sugar just as much as the regular kind.
5. Fact. Milk does have a natural sugar, lactose.
6. Myth. Insulin is not a lifetime sentence. I have seen many patients make significant lifestyle changes and be able to get off of insulin. Some people only need it when they are taking certain steroid-based medications for a period of time.
7. Myth. I don't care how much your parents said it, sugar does NOT cause diabetes. Diabetes is a function of not producing enough insulin to keep up with the body's demand for it (often caused by insulin resistance, obesity, aging, or genetics).
8. Fact. As long as blood sugars are well controlled, diabetics live just as long as others.
9. Myth. If a person has a true low blood sugar, it is typically best to give them real sugar. Just a TBSP of honey/sugar or 1/2 cup juice. Usually you do not want to add protein (like peanut butter) or fat (like in chocolate) or it will take longer for their blood sugar to come up.

Did you learn anything?


the paul said...

I only got the milk one wrong. Yay!

Rachel said...

Ha ha, I also got the milk question wrong... I also got the cure one wrong- apparently I was misinformed from The Biggest Loser:)

Mom said...

I got them all right, but some of my answers were guesses!

Emily said...

Wow. good job guys... want some harder ones?
-We measure insulin in mg/dl.
-Most people need two different types of insulin.
-Once patients get on insulin, they should stop taking their diabetes pills.

Mom said...

uhhh. I don't know any of those!