Saturday, October 30, 2010


I had a fantastic Halloween season! Since there were several parties and gatherings to attend, I thought I would make good use of my costume bins.The main costume of the year was "Maria the Vampire" (from the movie Eclipse). Ben was Jasper. I sewed most of the pieces myself. Everyone especially loved the eyes.

I also revamped my Christmas Elf (aka. Santa's little Ho) costume from for my ward's roller-skating party.

I went as Bella Swan to help my niece and nephew go trick-or-treating.

Lastly, pulled out my fantastic Witch hat and socks for Ben's family get-together on Halloween day.
Here are a couple of my favorite costumes that others wore:


Jerry said...

Thanks for posting these up Emily! I always enjoy seeing your costumes. I think the Piglet and Tigger costumes are adorable and your Maria picture (especially the second one) is scary looking. Congrats on another well done costume!

Kasey said...

I made it on the blog!! I always get very excited when I can make it onto someone else's blog. Love the costumes! They're great.