Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sewing Lesson on Linings

I confess. I use sewing patterns like I use recipes... as general guidelines that I rarely follow to the letter. I enjoy "improving upon" them to get what I am after, or skipping steps I deem unnecessary. I usually get away with it, but sometimes it teaches me hard lessons that involve a lot of action by my trusty seam ripper. And thus it was as I made my first piece of lined clothing. Linings are tricky! I called upon google and several people that sew to help me when I sewed myself into a corner but they were a confused as I. I was finally saved by a youtube video showing me the right way to sew lining on armholes of a vest.

For anyone (or me) that plans to attempt this again in the future, here are a few helpful hints:
Sew collar together first
Turn it right sides out before you attempt to sew armholes to armhole lining
Wrap lining around through the color to attach right sides together at armhole and sew so it looks like a long tube.
Then, you will be able to sew the side seams (lining to lining, fabric to fabric) down
(Kind of like doing pant-leg holes)
Lastly do the bottom hem.
If you do it in any other order, you will be stuck with a garment that will not turn right sides out and end up spending more time watching sewing you-tube videos and unpicking your work than you would like to admit.

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