Saturday, October 9, 2010

More on Maine

I finally got some more pictures, friends. Yes, these ones have people in them. No, the last few weren't postcards, they were taken by yours truly. It's harder to pick good ones with me in photogenicity skills are lacking some days...especially when wind complicates things.

We hiked on the Appalachian Trail! We also spent a day at the outlet malls and spent some good money :)
We went on a hike to a "waterfall" (that was really a series of places where water fell over rocks). It was pouring rain, but we were stalwart in our plans to get out in nature, despite the weather. Here is the flooded trail. I have a lovely bruise the size of a grapefruit on my leg where I slipped on a root and fell. It was pretty and worth it anyway.We took a ferry out to Peak's Island, rented some old beach cruiser bikes and rode around the whole island. A very fun day.
One of our goals was to eat seafood every day. (we both love seafood too much to live in land-locked Utah). One night, I ate a whole lobster! Well, I wasn't brave enough to try the head or the mushy green stuff inside the belly, but the rest was fantastic. It was live only 15 min. before I ate it-so fresh and soo sweet that you didn't even need the drawn butter for it. YUM! Will definitely do that again.


the paul said...

It looks like your photogenicity skills are doing just fine!

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

How fun! I would love to go one day!