Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I frequently get the itch to travel...to take a respite and explore something new. I would go on vacation every couple months if I could. Whenever I get the question "what would you do if you had $10,000?" the answer is always "Travel"!  I also LOVE having a hot new travel partner who is so sweet to always take care of all the luggage, let me use his frequent flier miles and got us a great discounts on the hotel :)

 Ben and I finally found a little time between work schedules and school to take a week off. Ben has traveled a lot but had never been to Hawaii, and I have a brother that lives there with his adorable family.
We spent a couple days in Waikiki in a beach hotel amongst all the tourists. The Japanese food and Hawaiian ceviche there were amazing, Pearl Harbor was interesting, and the beaches were crowded. Then we headed over to the North Shore to stay with my brother.

There we got to see much more of the gorgeous nature that covers the island. Spending an afternoon on a sandy beach with only a few other people, boogie boarding, and watching the little girls play in the sand was much more our style.

We saw the beautiful botanical gardens and waterfall, ate fresh shrimp right from the water, had "Shave Ice" as well as some macadamian nut pancakes at the Hukilau Cafe. yum! We ended the week on a breezy beach watching the sun slowly set over the big waves as the last lingering surfers made their way back to shore.

These girls were as cute as can be...how can you resist those big brown eyes and little hands when they want you to hold them??


Mom said...

fun to see some pictures and hear a little more about your trip! It looks like you had a much needed "scratch" to your travel itch!

Rachel said...

Great pictures! So glad you had fun and were able to take such a deserved vacation. Love you guys!

K Cannon said...

AAAAHHHHHHH drooling with jealousy- (good photos, btw!) glad you guys had fun!