Monday, June 4, 2012

Going Grey

Remember that green accent wall in my kitchen? It's not easy being a green wall...especially when you are injured and the paint they patch you with turns out to be NOT the same green. Woah, weird! Why would I have a can of different green paint sitting in my closet?  Well, at this point, my husband confessed that he never really liked the original color of green and especially detested the new color of the patch green. He would rather have grey. Hmm...hey, I happened to have a pint of grey paint in my closet too, except I know why I had that. It was supposed to be for my mother's remodeled basement but never got used.
I had to consider it for a day, but I slowly let go of my attachment to the green wall. Our wall then became grey. Ben was very impressed with my painting skills. I finally found something in the home improvement I knew more about than he did!! He wouldn't let me paint green stalks and white flowers in the corner on the wall, though. humph. Kimi would have like that. After I had stared at it a day or two, I decided I really liked grey. I liked it so much that I wanted to paint the adjacent wall grey too! And so it is, that our dining area is updated and lovely. Hooray!


Rachel said...

Grey is nice:) Good job! It's always hard to picture it before you paint. I would've liked the white flowers in the corner... silly Ben.

Mom said...

fun pictures Em! I like the grey even though it didn't end up in my basement

K Cannon said...

Having seen it person, I am a witness to the fact that it really does look great! And Ben needs to embrace his feminine side a little more and not be so shy of a little flower here and there, haha ;)