Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I went skiing twice in 1 month. Record! Probably because I have been excited to use my new ski equipment that I got for Christmas. If I am really nice to the cute ski instructor I know at Deer Valley, I can score some free lift tickets so it is free for me to ski now! I know... don't you wish YOU had hookups like that?

My brother Mark and I went at the first of the month before he flew back to 70 degree sunny Hawaii. Then, last week, my sister Kimi and I skied together. I put her in charge of remembering to take pictures so we actually got some. We had fun trying to take them too. Except the ones when we found ourselves going down a very steep icy slope out of control.... best to delete those ones before the aforementioned ski instructor sees and shakes his head at my weak technique. I think I need another teaching ski day to get me back on track... how 'bout it Ben?

Thanks to my patient siblings in helping me get more comfortable on the blue runs now, even if I still ski slow sometimes. I had lots of fun!

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Mom said...

Emily! You look great with your new skis. Glad to hear you are being careful, but having fun!