Monday, January 31, 2011

Reduce Reuse or Recycle

I once had a beautiful silk purple skirt. It was a rare treasure found on the clearance rack at Banana Republic many years ago and was definitely a favorite of mine. It didn't wrinkle, always hung right and was the most beautiful dark purple color. As is the way of any delicate material, the day came when it received an un-fixable stain. So, I had an EDP party. What is an EDP you ask? Well, it is an "expensive decorative pillow", a phrase coined by my mother when she had a house full of unruly teenagers that liked to throw pillows. She got these nice white lacy pillows to decorate her living room couches with and couldn't call them "throw pillows" as you can only imagine what behavior that would encourage. We were told that we had to be nice to the "expensive decorative pillows". We shortened it to EDP. For a craft day with my sisters, we all brought stuff to make EDPs for our houses/beds/couches/whatever. Here's how I did it, in case any of you are in the mood to make a ruffled EDP in the near future:

Find a similar color for the actual pillow part (mine was a cheap satin at Walmart for $2/yd) Cut the skirt (or other desired material) into long strips.

Hand baste down the middle of each strip and then gather it together into a ruffle.

Tack on each fold of the ruffle (from the backside) as you arrange them into swirls


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