Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year!

Here's to a 2011, a brand new year! I welcome it with open arms.
Although an adventure, this year has definitely changed me, as many of you have told me or noticed. It has been both wonderful and difficult as I have faced several challenges, experienced new joys, learned important lessons and turned thirty. I am really looking forward to the next important step in my life. I guess I am more grown up, and in more ways than one. At least I feel I am a better person than I was before, thanks to God and his endless patience with me, and that is what counts.

Some highlights of this last year were:
-Seeing the Olympics in Vancouver
-Cruise to Mexico with my parents and Kimi
-Autumn leaves and lobster in Maine
-Visiting my birthplace (Texas)
-Visiting family in Wyoming for the only non-windy days in history
-Falling more in love with Ben
-Family vacation in a mansion at Bear Lake
-Speaking at the annual Diabetes Educator Conference
-participating in the production "Joseph Smith the Prophet"
-winning a large check from a work drawing
-taking voice lessons
-keeping my amaryllis alive and even winning the race to get the first blooms!


Rachel said...

Just because your amaryllis was the biggest to start with... sigh... mine has been threatening to bloom for a few days now- hopefully soon!

You're amazing Em! I hope your 2011 is wonderful!

Karen Ella said...

So, when do I get to know more of the story on this Ben character?