Saturday, August 28, 2010

How we met

I think it's kind of a fun story.

I went to my 10 yr high school reunion
Ran into Jade there (we were good friends back in elementary school days) and mentioned I had just bought a house and was looking for roommates.
She happened to think immediately of Michele (whom she works with at the University hospital, that was looking for a new place) so I gave her my number.
Michele moved in and we became fast friends.
Michele also met Ben about that time while working at the hospital
She couldn't get over the feeling that she should set us up. She did a lot of covert questioning while working with him to make sure he was a good enough fellow. She would tell me about him every time I would end a relationship or start dating someone she didn't particularly like over the next 6 months.
She showed him a picture or two on facebook... she said he thought I was "out of his league".
She finally got around to actually setting us up.
He called me and we set a date to meet.
We met up for dinner. He didn't think I was interested and so he walked me to the car after our dinner and was about to leave until I stopped him and told him very plainly that I wanted to go out with him again. He said "Really?"
We've been dating ever since.
He's a wonderful man.
I still love him to pieces... even when he's driving me crazy.

Michele doesn't set people up that often, but hen she does, it always works. She does her homework, pays attention, gets the feel, and it pays off. She has a flawless record so far. Now that's the kind of roommate I needed.
So, thanks Jade and Michele and high school reunions...


Karen Ella said...

Um...I think I need to meet Michele... :)

Melissa Hislop said...

I guess High School Reunions are good for something. I didn't go to my 5-year reunion 2 weeks ago, and not just because the invite included the phrase, "Bring your own booze".

Jerry said...

That's a cool story Emily. Thanks for sharing.

K said...

Wait...Missy just had a 5 year reunion???
I need to talk to Michelle.

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Awesome! Keep us posted Em! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!