Sunday, April 18, 2010


Weekend trip to visit my sister Rachel and her adorable son TJ who live in the wide expanse called Wyoming. He was sooo cute and got attached to me very quickly. He always chose me to be the one to read him stories before nap or bedtime, to help him pray, to play games with, etc. He is also so smart. He is talking a lot now but I still love signing with him (he now knows more signs than I do). What other 2 yr old do you know that can fingerspell? So cool. Oh, and he is very serious about his chocolate milk.
I was also the lucky winner of the first wind-less weekend in Laramie. I think it was just because I brought my kites so I could finally fly them... Oh well. It was a short but fun trip.

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Austin and Abrielle said...

Hey! i love your kites, and wish that was my chocolate milk. :) love you guys.