Thursday, April 8, 2010

Annual Limerick Contest

Remember last year about this time when I unleashed some of my poetry madness upon you all? March came around real quick again this year. I love seeing what my very creative family members come up with during the month. Here's what I came up with this year for my family's annual March Limerick Contest:

When I see death's misery
I turn to a fond memory
of "Blin, blin
blin, blin,
Do remember me".
(an inside joke for my family-but it still got a reader's choice honorable mention)

The snow this morning made the trees bend
but I still felt that it was my friend
because I will ski
tomorrow for free
with an instructor from Switzerland.
(won 3rd place from one of the judges)

To cook can be a wondrous joy,
especially if it's for a boy.
They love to eat
any food's a treat
Unless, of course, you try to make soy.
(won 1st place from one of the judges)

Do you remember that night by the fire
all dressed up in camping attire,
playing chubby bunny
it was so funny
now marshmallows we'll never desire.

If the doc sees the signs of necorsis
and your friends say you have halitosis...
Is your blood sugar high?
Death might be nigh
from diabetic ketoacidosis. (won a reader's choice honorable mention)

The overall winners of the contest were these two:

All we like sheep go astray
Each to his own way.
Through dark and fear,
the Shepherd's near--
A touch of his staff will stay. (by Dad)

When a limerick is
split into two, feet seeming
chopped up and askew,

Count all the sounds, on
syllable bounds--you might find

My favorite:
Ben thinks he's a Swisser
but I beg to differ
1) cinna bears
2) brown-like hairs
But to Em, he's still a good kisser. (by Kim)


Ruthie said...

My favorite is the haiku limerick! Very clever. ^_^

Karen Ella said...

Awesome. All of them.