Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So...after years and years of thinking and talking about it, I finally arranged to take voice lessons. Yes, I have sung my entire life, mostly in choirs and such, but never took private lessons. I just started 2 weeks ago. It has been fun and very eye opening to some things I have done wrong for a long while. My teacher informed me yesterday that I am definitely a natural soprano! What?!? Why have I always been partial to the Alto part? Well partly, I'm sure, because I was very good at hearing and sight reading harmony. Singing high hasn't necessarily been my forte either-but I'm learning why. So watch out, high notes! here I come! I even have my first performance next week at a recital!

"Altos are only Sopranos that used to smoke" --Bishop Bettinson

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K said...

Do we get to know the date and time and place of this recital???