Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Dinner

So, I got a bunch of new and exciting spices, and several flavor books, for Christmas! I'm addicted to the Flavor Bible and the Cook's encyclopedia. I've been studying and imagining up all sorts of creative foods to make ever since then. If you thought I had adventurous tastes before....beware!
I started out the new year with a fun dinner, inviting my parents and Rachel n' Jeff to be my guests for the "food experience" (a term that has come to mean almost anything Emily makes because I will always challenge you to get out of your food comfort zone). I made up each dish on my very own (down to the dressing) and was very proud of the result.
Here was the menu:

Drink: Lemon and cucumber water
Appetizer: Bruschetta with brie and blueberries/cardamom-spiced pears
Salad: Spring greens w/red onion, feta, cayenne-caramelized pecans and cherry dressing
Main Course: Rosemary, mushroom and apricot stuffed pork loin
Saffron risotto with Spanish paprika
Dessert: lemon-coconut creme brulee

Although all very tasty, the surprise hit of the night: cayenne-caramelized pecans. I can't wait to make those again.


Rachel said...

Thanks again Emily! The food was great and I couldn't believe that TJ actually loved the brie!

Ruthie said...

Oooh, those pecans sound tasty. Care to share the recipe please?