Friday, January 1, 2010

Recap of 2009

Highlights of 2009
  • meeting and dating Ben
  • performing in an opera
  • hot air balloon ride
  • wake surfing
  • first paid professional speaking gig (ADEU conference)
  • getting a real piano in my house
  • new Mac laptop
  • buying an iphone
  • rock climbing course
  • seeing Wicked in Denver
  • cherry blossom festival in D.C.
  • 3 new nieces
  • new creme brulee torch
  • St. George trip and hikes
  • rafting in Moab
  • flying with my dad in his plane
  • seeing my brother get sealed to his adopted baby girl
  • Carmina Burana live (performed by my parent's choir)
pretty cool year when you look back on it all. Hope to make 2010 even better!!

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