Sunday, July 26, 2009

My life is a musical

It is time for a little insight into the mind of Emily:

Some people tell me that it is not normal for one to randomly burst into song and dance throughout the course of one's day. Good thing I don't really care to be "normal" because my life is just that...a musical. Good thing I also have some friends and sisters that share a similar enthusiasm. What better euphoric feeling than when you look over at someone else and immediately start singing the same song that fits the moment just perfectly? Who made it unacceptable to express thoughts and emotions through song in daily life, anyway? Sometimes that's the only way to get through to me. Sometimes I feel it gives a better explanation than words.

Don't you find yourself ever brought back to a memory by a song? Do you ever assign theme songs to experiences in your life? "Is that what you do? so do I" (I even added this playlist thing to my blog so these songs could help get the point across)

Does this take the reality out of life? Absolutely not. In fact, it makes it more real to me. Notice how in movies, the feeling of the scene is amplified by the kind of music playing in the background. Would the triumphant win in a sports movie be as climactic without exciting music building up? Would the romantic moment be as touching without beautiful melodies tugging at your heart? Would the scary events be as frightening without the eerie sounds behind them? Well, this is kind of how my brain works. I have a song running in the background of my mind at all times-granted it sometimes has nothing to do with the situation at hand and sometimes gets stuck on repeat but it is always there. The musical score to my life.


Lisa West said...

I WISH my life was a musical!! You are not alone! :)

Ruthie said...

I love that you have such a passion for music. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!