Thursday, July 9, 2009


I got my first golf lesson yesterday. I confess, I have never played golf before. (apparently miniature golf doesn't count). It was an eye-opening experience. Since "a certain someone" is practically obsessed with golf, he took it upon himself to start me off on the right foot. We went to a driving range and I practiced with a 9-iron. I think I swung twice the number of times I actually hit a ball. Some only made it 3 feet, others went a good 20 yards I think. I laughed pretty hard every time. I wanted to go past the "forbidden line" to gather all those that didn't quite make it far (gasp) ...I'm still learning about golf etiquette. Then we took some time to practice putting. I was actually not horrible at this, believe it or not. Those of you who have seen me play mini golf would be amazed at how much better I am when there aren't waterfalls, spinning wheels and other plastic toys sticking out in the way. Unfortunately, I probably had more beginners luck than anything, but I think it may have made "someone" jealous. It was pretty fun...I might even go again :)

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Austin and Abrielle said...

remember that time we went to Doti's? And that creep took a pic of you and Jason? ha ha ha