Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sewing mania

After almost a whole year of living in my house, I decided to finally hem up my front room curtains that have been way too long for, well, way too long. The simple act of getting out the sewing machine was enough to inspire a week of sewing. It also helps that I have an extra room right now while I seek another roommate that has lots of space for sewing projects. I grew up sewing a lot and forgot how much I love it.

I also realized that I approach sewing a little too much like I approach cooking. Sure, I use recipes and patterns on occasion-but never follow them completely. I tend to "improve upon them" or disregard the directions completely and make up something else (like this scrub top below). This turns out well some times, and not so well other times. The good thing with sewing is that you can always unpick your mistakes! Hooray for seam rippers. After the curtains, I did some needed alterations on my dresses and then dove into the world of pajamas and polka dots-as you may well see.

This last set reminds me greatly of a certain spotted character in a children's book....but I can't remember the name! I think it is Dr. Seuss....can anyone help pinpoint this for me?


the paul said...

It reminds me of the unnamed spot-color-changing creature in Robert Lopshire's "Put Me In The Zoo". Is that what you're thinking of? It wants to go to the zoo but then the kids sell it to the circus instead? That book always bothers me a little.

Melissa Hislop said...

It reminds me of Madam Mimm from 'the Sword in the Stone', when she gets that disease. Sunshine! I hate sunshine!

Wendi said...

Ok, that is hilarious about the bra. So funny but didn't it feel liberating!?