Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Am I really staying up late telling everyone how geeky I am...I guess so.

25 Reasons my family can be considered "geeky"

1: We amused ourselves for endless hours during our childhood in the fully functioning city of Legoland that occupied an entire room...sometimes more.
2: I learned about politics/court system from Legoland
3: My brother first introduced me to this new thing called the World Wide Web when I was in middle school and the first thing we looked up was the Dr. Pepper site.
4: We made home videos of the adventures of lego people as well as a regular sitcom involving my stuffed animals
5: I still remember the theme song I wrote for the sitcom "Oh we're the Andersons..."
6: We all played 7 yrs in an orchestra or band or both.
7: My siblings and I listened to "learn Japanese on tape" on our roadtrip to Oregon
8: Sunday nights always included an episode of Star Trek, next generation
9: We have been known to IM or text one another while in the room
10: I have actually text-raced with my brother-he totally won...
11: I bought an iphone the very next week.
12: 4 people in my family already own an iphone
13: I Gchat with at least one family member a day...sometimes concurrently with several since we are all frequently by a computers during the day.
14: My boss at the grocery store once called me to her office to fix her computer...because I was a "Cannon" so I must know how...
15: We can have hour-long conversations consisting only of movie quotes
16: We will all randomly burst out into the same song while playing cards...usually on the same note
17: We actually talk about binary over dinner.
18: A grades were expected and our parents were surprised if we didn't actually get an A
19: We play games like "Set" for fun.
20: I am known as one of the most tech-savvy people at work, yet would be considered one of the least savvy at home.
21: My family would actually get together and sit in a room with their own computers to play warcraft together
22: We all contribute to an annual Limerick contest without any prize but bragging rights.
23: We can all sing along with the entire score of Carmina Burana,
24: We have been known to hear a band song and start singing our respective instrumental parts
25: We actually don't care that people think we are geeky :)


Rachel said...

We would sit around for hours watching Mark beat Super Mario Bros. 3 from start to finish.

I learned about birth, death, the law, sueing ("sue, sue, sue, sue, the suers are coming, the suers are coming- to SUE you!"), customs, Phantom of the Opera, monarchies, democracy, Dune, civil rights, the Lord of the Rings, fatal illnesses, gravity, engineering, city planning, medival times, and hidden recording devices all while playing in LegoLand.

We used to have games of Risk or Monopoly last so long that we'd keep them out for days- even weeks.

Monopoloy playing was very serious and you could end up with someone's favorite CD and a chocolate shake just for trading Kentucky Ave. with them.

Most of us would hang out in the Band room/Orchestra room in High School and are still good friends with our old band teacher.

Melissa Hislop said...

You once told your friends about making a snow giraffe with your little sister. When they said, "Oh, cute! How old is your little sister?" you listened to the awkward silence after you said, 19.

Two of us were on the swimming team in high school. The rest of us thought that was sufficient athlectic representation for all of us.

Paul's Lego Movies, Monty Python, and Wizard of Oz 2 are some of our cherished family movies. Many an in-law has been tested when they were made to watch them.

The Logan High band director invited our father to lead the last piece in the last concert before the last Cannon to pass through band graduated. Dad practiced before the concert to a recording.

shanelife said...

This is Kimi-

-We have a family picture in boxers
-We have another family picture that looks like we're from the 18th century
-All the girls puffed their bangs at one time or another, and we all wore one of those flower vests at one point
-we played "office" and missy and i were the mailmen
-any one of us could pick out a suzuki song 3 notes in
-we played "name that tune" for fun
-instead of laughing, some of us suppress the inner burts by silently and violently shaking instead
-the rest of us snort
-someone that claims to have "level 4 humor" is never normal
-Dark Crystal, and all of the family feature films
-This is my box...finish the sentence
-road trips to Karen Carpenter and the King Singers

Emily Cannon said...

we used the theme from close encounters of a third kind to find each other in stores or on a mountain...