Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Award winning poet

My peoms once again came out on top in the annual limerick contest. Plus, 3 of the other winning poems were about me...so I think that means I win!!! Man, am I competetive or what? I just love my family, they made me laugh all month with their limericks. Good work everyone! I thought the rest of you might want to partake in a sample of our fun, so here are the my winners:

I met a nice guy with a plan,
of whom I became a great fan.
He skiis in the snow
but alas, now you know,
he decided to move to Japan.

Interesting food
gets me in the mood
to eat,
not feet
or fried bacon in the nude

I was once the eldest of four
but the others each became more
Kimi's more pretty and tall,
others sport pregnant balls.
So now I'm the youngest at the core.

Here are the ones about me that also won awards:

Donuts, cake, chocolate and candy,
cookies and ice cream are truly dandy.
My cravings will make me fat
and sugar level would make emily go 'splat'
Annee boody wan a browney? (by missy)

There once was an Emily Cannon
who cooked with such glorious abandon
The chefs they all voted
and what they compoted
was to crown her the new queen of salmon! (by mark)

Why am I the only one without talent?
It seems all my skills are rather absent.
Emily, Rachel, Kimi and Mom
Are quite the phenomenon
Maybe I could start speaking with an accent. (by missy-but it's not true)


Rachel said...

You always win. Maybe next time I'll write all my poems about you, then I'll win!

Ruthie said...

Sheesh, your family's awesome. I love your limerick contest. Congrats on being the focus of so many!

Melissa Hislop said...

You forgot the 'cur' in 'cur-splat'. And it is true, I do get more attention when I speak in an accent.