Monday, May 18, 2009

Dinner group

about 5 months ago... (has it really been that long?) a small group of my friends decided to create "Dinner group". It is a fabulous idea in which we get a wonderful home-cooked meal every monday and wednesday, while only making 1 meal (and doing dishes) every 3 weeks. We don't all make it to every meal (like when Shannon decides to go to New Zealand without us...which is why she is not featured in the picture) but it is worthwhile every time we do. Especially when we have such great discussions and solve the problems of the world. Besides cooking, we've learned: how to get a guy to make a move, how to deal with an HOA, what subjects make Denae turn red, why Emily should move in with me, how to keep your home teachers from embarrassing your visiting teachers, resolving constipation, how to be more cost-effective at meetings, how to not die during an endoscopy, and of course how we could all use the slogan "Don't put your hands down your pants". We always get some good laughs. I love you girls!