Sunday, January 18, 2009

Remember the roommates

So I thought it would be interesting last night to list out all the roommates I've ever lived with. Turns out that I have 37!!! Guess that's what I get for being single for so long. I'm sure someone else will easily trump me, but I thought it a pretty significant number. Here's a tribute to the wonderful girls that have put up with me over the years.

Thanks! RachelWendiRalphieKarenJanaMistieAnnaStaceyIvy

(Sorry, I only have pictures of ones I've had since buying my digital camera)


Ruthie said...

37! Wow, I'm impressed. ...I bet you have some great roommate stories. ^_^

Wendi said...

It was a honor and a privilege!

Mark and Jana said...

Such good times! We really did have some fun together. Thanks for letting me be one of many.

Melissa Hislop said...

I think you are forgetting two, depending on your deffinition of 'roommate'. We may not have lived in the same room as you but pretty darn close.

Angie Wycherly said...

So honored to make the list. Hvala!