Thursday, January 22, 2009

and now I know

My netflix list has lately been populated with some older musicals, "Sunday in the Park with George", "Sweeney Todd" and "Jekyll and Hyde". I had heard the music before (the pretty melodies of Jekyll and Hyde and the complicated, brilliant sounds of Steven Sondheim), but had never actually seen any of them. It was an interesting journey. I will admit to being slighty disturbed, glad that I had waited until adulthood to view them. Who wouldn't rather be brought up watching the happy dancing in Sound of Music and The Music Man, rather than a demon barber, crazy painter, or experimenting psych doctor? They aren't to be appreciated fully by the masses (probably why it was better I watched them alone-good way to scare off a date, not that I need help with that) but would be worth seeing for any other musical-theater enthusiast.

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Rachel said...

Wow, I guess I always thought that musicals had to be cheesy and nice, but then again I haven't seen that many. These sound interesting, but maybe I'll wait until I'm grown up to watch them:)