Saturday, November 29, 2008

Food Storage

After General Conference in October, I decided it was high time I started my food storage. I found a little nook in my storage/laundry room, built some shelves, and then started bringing home 1-2 extra things (that I actually use) every time I went to the grocery store. I added the emergency propane stove I got last year for Christmas from my parents (Thanks mom and dad!). Also, when I finish a jug of milk, I wash it out and fill it with water. It's a little different from my parents' big drums of wheat that hold up shelves all throughout the house, but I'm very proud of my collection so far.
Any suggestions on things that have worked well for you to build up your supply?

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Ruthie said...

The only suggestions I can think of are to fill up big soap bottles (like liquid laundry detergent) with water, so you don't have to use drinking water for cleaning water. Oh, and to buy stuff at the case lot sales. ^_^ We don't have a huge supply of stuff, but we're trying to work on it, too.