Saturday, November 8, 2008

Body Worlds Exhibit

I went to the Body Worlds Exhibit at The Leonardo. It was fascinating! For anyone who likes anatomy, medical science or wants to learn about it, I highly recommend going to see it. You get to see all your insides, muscle structure, cross-sections of brain, etc. The bodies, or parts of the body, are preserved with a process of plastination (created by anatomist, Gunther Von Hagen). My favorite was actually seeing the vascular system (all blood vessels) in the body, without the body (skin, muscles, bones, etc) in the way. This picture gives you an idea, just imagine it without the skull there. Cool, huh! You can learn more by going to


Ralphie said...

Isn't it cool? We went to see it in Dallas.

I will never smoke. Ever.

Melissa Hislop said...