Monday, October 6, 2008


So, I'm still not sure I like this whole tagging thing but since I've been tagged twice (Rachel and Missy), I thought I would succumb.

8 Things

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch
I really don't love TV at all. I'm not a TV watcher...seriously. I even have free fiberoptic fancy cable from my HOA and I still don't! You think I have time to spend on TV??

8 Favorite Restaurants
If I had my way, I'd go to a different place every time! I love to try something new.

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
was spiritually fed by watching General Conference
made pumpkin waffles and pumpkin soup
made spicy Vietnamese cucumber salad
made honey-ginger chicken and basil-orange rice
made a mess in the kitchen!
Had dinner with a guy who lectured me about the American public and politics for a good 2 hrs
Talked to my mom on the phone
Started reading "3 Cups of Tea" (pretty good so far)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To
A vacation (anywhere)
Finding the perfect guy for me
My own babies! (c'mon, I've been baby hungry for at least 8 yrs now)
Susan finally deciding to call me back
Going to Italy
My professional massage this Friday
Paying off my Mortgage

8 Things On my Wish List
A Piano
Sewing Machine
A Vacation
A Piano
A Rice Cooker
Creme Brulee torch that actually works
Rachel and Mark (and families) closer by
A Piano


Rachel said...

ha ha- you couldn't resist could you? I wasn't quite sure... do you want a piano or what? Tell you what- we'll buy you a piano before we buy our own!

Melissa Hislop said...

Itly? What are you going to do in Itly? Mom has two pianos, if you ask her nicely maybe she'll give you one.