Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scouted out

So, what do you do when a random girl chases you all through Walmart's hardware section, only to stop you and ask "Have you ever thought about being a model?"

Um. Where on earth did that come from? Wait...I had to think. Was it my stunning appearance in the Ensign as the poster child in the article about older girls that still aren't married so they buy houses instead? Was I already that famous overnight?? No, I'm pretty sure this girl wasn't Mormon so chances are she had never read the Ensign.

A model for Walmart? no. well, yes maybe that. but just in general.
Well, I haven't really gotten around to it yet. Are you here to make all my wildest dreams come true?
Perhaps, if we can call you for an audition, I'm just the talent scout.
No, really, we are a legit talent company.
(I really hope you don't have anything to do with the last person I knew that worked for a modeling agency....Ah!)
Well, I'll think about it.

I couldn't help it...I couldn't resist. I checked it out and went to the audition. LOL! It was certainly an experience. I sorted through the flattery, enthusiasm, and acting and decided it could be fun but not really the thing for me, besides the time and money required. Well, good story anyway.

So remember, you CAN be noticed, even among tools in Walmart.


Ralphie said...

What! How did I totally miss the picture of you in the Ensign??? Which issue are you in?

And, I know you have heard it before Emily, but you would make a wonderful WalMart model. You make buying liquid laundry detergent look gooooooooood.

Melissa Hislop said...

Sheesh. Now two of my sisters are models. Remember when the Korean lady in the nail place asked Kimi, "You madool?" How can I compete with that?

Casey said...

this made me laugh, and I thought I'd comment to let you know I found your blog through a comment you left on ivy's. (i always feel a little weird stalking blogs without letting people know.) i'm glad I found you. vidimo se online

casey/sestra moss