Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My family all contributes to a monthly newsletter that my sister Rachel puts together beautifully. It is wildly entertaining to read, especially if you understand all of our inside family jokes. Since more people than just my immediate family read my blog, I thought I would share my entry from September.

Here I am describing my life this month by way of quotations from other people:

"How could you have killed a plastic plant?" (i didn't think it was possible either)

"What happened to all those suitors of last month?" (yea. successfully ran them all off. can't say i was super disappointed though. What's wrong with me?)

"So why aren't you married yet?" (dude. I barely even knew this guy! back off! or..on the other hand, see the previous quote)

"Do you really need the money or is this something else to occupy all of that extra time that you have none of?" ( I auditioned to be in a Desert Star theater production and got in)

"How's the boob?" lol. fine. now. why didn't anyone tell me surgery is sooo much better than biopsies??? (less pain, less scarring, better drugs, and more sympathy)

"So pizza is bad..." (after relating that my blood sugar went very high, and stayed high, after eating at pizza factory)

"You kindness doesn't go unknowist" (I have no idea what that was about nor if it is real english)

"I like talking to you way too much, I need to hang up now" (funny 60 yr old patient on the phone)


Wendi said...

That is hilarious! I have to say that you have more interesting experiences than anyone I know.

Mark and Jana said...

Hi, found your blog off of Wendi's. I now have a blog, come check it out.
I love your Autum leaves post. Mark and I went into the canyon last Sunday too!! It was beautiful.


Mark and Jana said...

So, what production are you in at the Desert Star? I would love to come watch you at work. Let me know.