Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

It is finally done! Our quick 2-3 week project that started in July is finally finished. Yes, it took forever. We had more setbacks and learning experiences than we ever expected but I think the finished product looks great! The new tile is gorgeous and that shower is so waterproof, I don't think it is possible to ever leak.
Here are some important lessons we learned to do differently next time (please take these to heart if you decide to do a bathroom yourself):
1. Use cement board for water resistance instead of drywall + Schluter-kerdi sheets on the's almost impossible to put up evenly and level.
2. Putting large tiles on vertical walls is pretty but 3x the work. Believe me. Stick with smaller ones
3. when you build up a floor, remember to move other fixtures up the wall as well
4. Harbor freight tools are good for a lot of things, but splurge on some high quality equipment (like tile saws, plumbing tools, and chop saws)
5. Measure 5 times-cut once
6. Always have another person around when you turn the water on the first time

Here are some pictures of the process
down to the studs
Schluter-kerdi walls and floor finally in place

chipping off the old tile from the cement floor
Here are pictures of the new and improved bathroom! Quite the finished product!

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Rachel said...

Congrats! It is beautiful and what an amazing project to do together :) Way to stick with it and to each other. The end result is amazing! (Your experience could now be a gospel talk with all the great comparisons you could make... the parable of the bathroom remodel).