Saturday, May 25, 2013


I doing a garden this year! A REAL garden. Well, I hope it turns into a garden. Right now it is a plot of dirt, but that's more than I  have ever had. No, my backyard hasn't grown, it is still a  2 ft. square of artificial grass. But there is a community garden area down the street that just had a plot become available!

I know what some of you are thinking...the girl who can even kill plastic plants is going to grow a garden? I LOVE home-grown produce and flowers, so I am determined to get a green thumb someday and won't give up. I have had some small successes lately that helped me get the courage to take this on: my annual amaryllis grew beautifully 2 yrs. in a row, my 3 potted tomato plants last year yielded exactly 5 small tomatoes and I got some herbs to grow for about a month before they went moldy. Like I said, small successes. Be Nice!

The great thing about this garden plot? It is outside in a sunny area and has a drip line for watering.  I can't remember ever getting past the obstacles of consistent water and sun before... I guess that means I will have to worry about the more complicated issues of adequate mulch, compost, spacing, companion planting and weeding. Eek! Hopefully, mother nature will help me out a bit even if I get those things wrong.


Rachel said...

Good luck! It looks awesome. You'll love all the "fruits" of your labors :)

K Cannon said...

I'm sure you have some sprouts of Grandpa/Grandma gardening genes buried deep down inside...I think you'll be better at this than you think!

Lauren said...

Did you plant it yet? What did you put in? We just planted our pots on the patio. I would so love to have a garden plot somewhere. One day, hopefully, I'll get to try it out in my own yard. One day.