Monday, February 20, 2012

Seafood Buffet

I absolutely love seafood. Which is particularly sad because I live in landlocked Utah and don't get good seafood as often and I would like. One of my favorite things to do on vacation (if it is by the ocean) is to make sure I eat some kind of seafood every day.
My cute Ben took me to Deer Valley's seafood buffet for a Valentines date last week. YUM!
My goal was to try a little bit of every kind of seafood offered and I did! Luckily they give you little portions so you can try many things.  I got to have oysters on half-shell, 2 kinds of crab legs, shrimp with incredible cocktail sauce, mahi mahi in a coconut sauce, barely seared tuna, scallops in orange ginger sauce, herring, salmon, trout with a lavender almond sauce, clams and mussels in a butter-wine sauce, calamari salad, and of course some eel and yellowtail sushi. They have lots of other things like fruits, cheeses, prime rib, breads, salads, and other sides but I only dabbled in those and focused on the more important seafood. Wow, was I full afterward. Thanks honey for a fantastic time!

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Jerry said...

Mmm...looks great!