Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Married Sickly Holidays

I hope everyone's holidays were happy and bright. Ours turned out a little different than planned.
   Ben got sick...all week, so much he actually cancelled the private ski lessons he was supposed to teach-that almost never happens so he was really ill. So much that he finally let me take him to an instacare. Poor guy. Luckily, the antibiotics finally won the war and he is finally feeling better...just in time for me to catch it. :( Even though I was extra careful not to get it: I even slept in a different room and attended the family holiday parties by myself (I am used to that by now) and left him at home so he wouldn't spread the germs, took Zicam, vit C and drank water like a fish. Still not enough prophylaxis. My immune system has never been a strong player.
   Even though he was sickly, Ben was still very sweet to me. I need to work on being extra nice even when I don't feel good. He was excited to tell me what he got me for Christmas, that he woke me up at 7:00am to let me know. (I got a ski helmet, ipod shuffle for exercise, and subscription to Bon Appetit).
    All that really matters is that we were able to think about Christ and his birth and life. What a wonderful gift we have from Him, the power to bring us back to perfection and into His presence. Merry Christmas!

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Karen Ella said...

Ugh! I so understand. I totally came down with the naz-tay-ness that is going around down here just in time for Christmas. Yay. So many meds, and no help at all. Hope you're both feeling better and have a great year coming!!!
OH! And thanks for the card! I loved it! It's so cute!!!